In Review: The Year of the Information Security Pro

Looking back, there were many reasons 2005 could be designated the “Year of the Information Security Professional.” Perhaps it was employers’ demand for expertise in this field, or maybe even IT security pros’ much-vaunted compensation. (The latter is definitely justifiable: CertMag’s 2005 Salary Survey showed that these folks were making an average salary of $92,790, more than any other job role.)

However, the impetus behind the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium’s (ISC)2’s “Year of the Information Security Professional” (YISP) program came down to awareness. It might be hard for those of us inside the tech industry to believe that IT security pros aren’t recognized for what they do, as we’re often saturated with news about this discipline. However, we weren’t really the target audience for this initiative, said Sarah Bohne, (ISC)2’s director of communications and constituent services.

“The goal behind the YISP program, as we affectionately call it, was to increase awareness outside of the information security industry for the vital work and services that information security professionals provide,” she said. “I think there were several years before 2005 that could have been labeled as such, and probably several years to come could be labeled as such. We chose 2005 because we really felt that there were a lot of economic, political and defense things going on that were going to invoke the services of information security professionals. The level of appreciation for how critical those folks are didn’t match the need, so that was really why…



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