Deploy Talent Management System for Novo Nordisk

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<p><strong>Beijing &mdash; June 12</strong><br />SumTotal Systems Inc. has announced that Novo Nordisk has purchased licenses for SumTotal&#39;s Enterprise Suite, a software platform for managing talent, as well as analyzing, storing and delivering learning, to bring a comprehensive and consistent workplace education and development program to its China-based employees.<br /><br />The suite includes TotalLMS, a learning management system (LMS) that will deliver, track and report on learning and development for the health care company&#39;s China division, and TotalAccess, which connects employees to learning via laptops, kiosks and hand-held devices. </p><p>Along with the suite, Novo Nordisk bought licenses for SumTotal&#39;s ToolBook Instructor, software for creating, among other things, Web-based training and software application simulations.</p><p>Denmark-headquartered Novo Nordisk started its China operations in 1994. After years of development, it has more than 1,000 employees in China. </p><p>The company will use SumTotal&#39;s software to deliver new-hire training for its growing roster of employees in China. It also will provide its China-based employees with instruction on compliance codes, as well as product training for its sales team.<br /><br />&quot;We believe the SumTotal system will not only standardize our training but also keep pace with the demand for an ever-increasing need for new-hire and product-related education,&quot; said Wang Shuhong, Novo Nordisk China director of human resources and business exchange. &quot;There is still considerable work to do before this project is<br />completed. But once accomplished, we feel the platform will help us educate our workforce and continually assess how well our staff is performing.&quot;<br /><br />Alex Raymond, SumTotal vice president, Asia-Pacific, agreed.</p><p>&quot;Today&#39;s announcement follows other successful initiative&nbsp; we&#39;ve completed in Asia, including work for the Singapore Prison Service and Liaoning Mobile, a subsidiary of China Mobile,&quot; Raymond said. &quot;We believe we&#39;re making progress with our strategic efforts to expand our international business into new markets.&quot;</p>

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