Implementing the physical database

These questions are based on: 70-229 – Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition Microsoft Self-Test Software Practice Test.

Objective: Implementing the physical database
SubObjective: Create and alter database objects (including constraints, indexes, stored procedures, tables, triggers, user-defined functions and views)

Item No. 70-
Multiple Answer, Multiple Choice

You are the database developer for Smith Importers, a national wholesale imports company. You supply imported goods to retail imports stores across the country. You are designing a database to track customer orders.

You want to accomplish these goals:

  • Data must be consolidated weekly into an aggregate form for reporting purposes.
  • Customers must receive e-mail notification only when an entire order has been canceled.
  • Customers must not place an order that would cause them to exceed their credit limit.
  • Customers must be able to make changes to or cancel an order only before it is prepared for shipment.
  • Orders must not be processed for customers who have an outstanding account balance more than 90 days old.
  • Customers must automatically be assigned a credit limit based on qualifications when they are added to the database.

You create these objects:

  • Customer table, which contains customer information, including credit_limit and available_credit
  • Orders table, which contains order information, including order_id, order_amount, prepare_date and ship_date
  • Order_details table, which contains line items of each order
  • INSERT trigger on the Customer table to assign…



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