Implementing an IT Service Management Solution Can Save Money

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<p><strong>Herndon, Va. &mdash; July 22</strong></p><p>Axios Systems, a provider of IT service management (ITSM) solutions, revealed in a recent survey that more than half of IT professionals found that implementing an ITSM solution has helped save their businesses money, with almost 15 percent saying the savings exceeded half a million dollars.</p><p>Decreased spending has become essential to many organizations due to the current economic conditions. Many companies are predicting drastic budget cuts over the next few years, with more than 54 percent having already experienced budget decreases in 2009. With these cuts, the priorities for the remainder of the year predictably revolve around driving down costs. IT professionals also view operational effectiveness and service quality and availability as becoming extremely important.</p><p>With priorities shifting toward cost savings, the benefits of implementing an ITSM solution are invaluable. Because of this, businesses feel that aligning IT departments with overall business goals is extremely important. One-third of individuals surveyed feel their IT department is not aligned appropriately with the goals of the business; therefore, many organizations are now shifting their focus to this important task.</p><p>A recent Gartner report, titled &ldquo;IT Infrastructure and Operations Leaders Key Initiative: ITIL and Process Improvement,&rdquo; said, &ldquo;A cost-effective IT organization is able to do more with less &mdash; or at least do more with the same. A streamlined organization enables staff to more easily realign from pure technology roles to business-enablement roles.&rdquo;</p><p>Ron Double, CIO of Parkview Health, an Axios customer, acknowledges the importance of this alignment. He said, &ldquo;Our department is now the support hub for everything that goes on in the organization. IT is now considered a part of the delivery of patient care. We deal specifically with the integration of systems. We are not only support; rather, we have part in everything from the technologies, the applications and the implementation onto support.&rdquo; </p>

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