Implement WLAN security and management

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Questions derived from the 642-845 – Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks Cisco Self-Test Software Practice Test.


Objective: Implement WLAN security and management
SubObjective: Describe and configure wireless security on Cisco clients and APs (e.g., SSID, WEP, LEAP, etc.)


Item Number: 642-845.5.1.44
Single Answer, Multiple Choice


What does Cisco recommend when implementing Cisco lightweight extensible authentication protocol (LEAP)?



  1. Server certificates
  2. Client certificate
  3. Strong passwords
  4. Password expiration


C. Strong passwords




Cisco LEAP should be deployed in conjunction with a strong password policy because it is highly vulnerable to brute force or dictionary attacks. Brute force and dictionary attacks are methods of attempting to guess passwords to gain access to a network. Strong passwords are passwords that are created to be difficult to guess.


LEAP is a password algorithm; therefore, server certificates do not apply.


Password expiration is not supported with Cisco LEAP. Therefore, this is an incorrect option.



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