Implement AutoQoS

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Questions derived from the 642-845 – Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks Cisco Self-Test Software Practice Test.


Objective: Implement AutoQoS
SubObjective: Describe the SDM QoS Wizard


Item Number: 642-845.4.2.1
Single Answer, Multiple Choice


What is the maximum amount of bandwidth for a QoS class that can be configured as LLQ Priority method in SDM QoS wizard?



  1. 512 kbps
  2. 2 Mbps
  3. 75 percent
  4. 100 percent


C. 75 percent


You can configure a maximum of 75 percent of the bandwidth for a QoS class, if you select Priority method of Low Latency Queuing (LLQ) in Security Device Manager (SDM) QoS wizard.


You have two types of LLQ methods, Priority and Bandwidth. With Priority, you define the fixed percentage of bandwidth that can be allocated to QoS class. In the bandwidth method, the QoS class receives a minimum percentage of the remaining bandwidth.


The options, 512 kbps and 2mbps, are incorrect. In Priority method, you mention fixed percentage of bandwidth.


The option 100 percent is incorrect because for any QoS class, the maximum configurable bandwidth is up to 75 percent.



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