Implement a small switched network

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These questions are based on 642-822 – Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1.


Objective: Implement a small switched network
Sub-Objective: Perform, save and verify initial switch configuration tasks, including remote access management


Single Answer, Multiple Choice


Which Cisco IOS command enables a router to copy the IOS images from one router to another router?



  1. copy tftp flash
  2. copy flash tftp
  3. copy running-config flash
  4. copy startup-config flash


A. copy tftp flash


The copy tftp flash command enables a router to copy the IOS image from one router to another. One router acts as a TFTP server to the other in this process.


The following illustrates the steps to copy an image from Router A to Router B:



  1. Verify the connectivity between Router A and Router B using the ping command.
  2. Check the image size on both of the routers with the show flash command to verify that enough space exists on Router B.
  3. Configure Router A as the TFTP server using the configure terminal command. Use the tftp-server flash [partition-number:]filename1 [alias filename2] [access-list-number] command to define the path to the system image that needs to transferred. There can be multiple entries for multiple images.
  4. Copy the image from Router A to Router B using the copy tftp flash command.
  5. Verify the Flash for the copied new image on Router B with the show flash command.


All of the other options are incorrect because they are not valid Cisco commands.


Cisco > Tech Notes > How To Copy a System Image from One Device to Another > Document ID: 15092


Cisco IOS Release 12.0 Configuration Fundamentals Configuration Guide > Part 2: File Management > Configuring Additional File Transfer Functions > Configure a Router as a TFTP Server

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