Impact Achievement Group Debuts Innovative Tool

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<p><strong>Seattle &mdash; May 10</strong><br />Impact Achievement Group, a training and performance management consulting company, has announced its new Leadership Impact Survey. </p><p>The proprietary multirater tool measures the five key competency areas exhibited by highly effective leaders.<br /><br />Although most multirater assessments focus on broad management competencies, the Leadership Impact Survey evaluates competencies that effective leaders exhibit in managing day-to-day employee performance.&nbsp; </p><p>The instrument measures:<br /></p><ol><li>Employee engagement</li><li>Performance expectations and accountability</li><li>Effective workplace communications</li><li>Managing performance problems</li><li>Coaching style flexibility </li></ol><p><br />The Leadership Impact Survey differs from 360-degree instruments in that it exclusively counts on feedback from those most influenced by their manager or supervisor &mdash; their direct reports. <br /><br />&ldquo;This is a breakthrough instrument, resulting from several years of development and testing,&rdquo; President Lee Klepinger said. &ldquo;Managers at every level will appreciate the specificity provided by this assessment. It focuses on the critical areas required to produce performance results in today&rsquo;s workplace.&rdquo;<br /><br />Klepinger added that HR and training executives can use the survey results to identify priorities for leadership development and training efforts.&nbsp; </p><p>It allows them to pinpoint the high-leverage areas where training or coaching will make the greatest impact, whether for individual managers or managers across the organization.<br /><br />Managers receive a comprehensive, personalized report that summarizes anonymous input from their direct reports, broken down in detail by question and category.&nbsp; </p><p>They also receive tutorial information for the areas identified for improvement, as well as an action plan format for personal development.<br /><br />Reports can be created for individuals, groups or entire organizations, providing significant value by identifying trends that assess the impact of interventions, as well as identifying new or changing development needs.</p>

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