Online Training Application LearnLinc Wins Award

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<p><strong>Phoenix &mdash; July 26</strong><br />iLinc Communications Inc., a developer of Web conferencing software and audio conferencing solutions, has announced that LearnLinc, its online training application, has won the 2007 eLearning Guild Gold Award for Satisfaction in Corporate Synchronous Learning Systems. </p><p>The award from the global association of e-learning professionals recognizes products with the highest overall satisfaction ratings among its nearly 10,000 members. </p><p>The awards were announced in the eLearning Guild&#39;s annual 360&ordm; Report.<br /><br />Also noted in the 360&ordm; Report on Synchronous Learning Systems were category leaders. </p><p>iLinc&#39;s LearnLinc was ranked highest in ROI in addition to several feature categories, including customer satisfaction with recordings. </p><p>LearnLinc was one of the first virtual classroom products and instructors have delivered millions of hours on a global basis since its inception in 1995.<br /><br />LearnLinc is one of the most secure and reliable e-learning applications that helps users achieve an online experience that exceeds what is capable in the traditional classroom.&nbsp; </p><p>Customers report an immediate improvement in the effectiveness, retention and consistency of online training programs. </p><p>LearnLinc enables organizations to train geographically dispersed teams, all at the same time, with high levels of interactivity.<br /><br />&quot;LearnLinc was one of the very first virtual classroom applications, and we&#39;re extremely proud that we&#39;ve continued to maintain our leadership position in the growing e-learning market,&quot; said Frank Gartland, vice president of product and technology. &quot;We continue to enhance what has been long considered one of the best synchronous virtual classroom products on the market.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;We hear from customers and prospects that evaluate our software against our competitors that LearnLinc is a clear leader.&quot;</p>

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