IDC Sees Steady Growth in IT Spending

Overall enterprise spending on information technology personnel and solutions is projected to increase a steady, if not spectacular, 7 percent during the next 12 months, the organization’s most recent FutureScan report shows. Yet there may be a good deal more activity in the IT market in the coming year than that figure would suggest.

IDC’s FutureScan, a monthly survey of CIOs, IT professionals and line-of-business executives, creates a steady stream of information on IT spending that IDC researchers evaluate over time, said John Gantz, IDC’s senior vice president of research. “The users that we pull month after month tend to be a little more optimistic than we are in terms of total IT spending—maybe they need to be,” he said. “For a number of months, the supply side was much different from the demand side in terms of view of spending. They’ve come a bit more in line now.”

Their predictions also aren’t too far off from IDC’s own forecasts, Gantz said. “We’re expecting very modest growth—5 to 6 percent in IT spending—over the next five years. That’s pretty modest compared to where we were back in 1996 to 2000. We look at the aggregates, so we tend to be a lot more accurate than any one single survey of users.”

However, the most interesting aspect of IT outlays this year and beyond might not be how much organizations are spending, but rather what they’re spending it on. Gantz detailed a new industry trend that…



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