IDC Identifies Software Macro-Trends

Research organization IDC recently released a report unveiling eight high-level software trends that are expected to impact the IT industry well into the future. These developments identify fundamental changes in the look, feel and capabilities of software solutions, how technology works, and interactions between buyers and sellers.

The eight issues identified in the “Software Macro-Trends: Reshaping Enterprise Software” study are:

· Enterprise Workplace: The combination of more intuitive, collaborative user experiences and business processes.
· Enterprise Solutions Platform: Comprehensive solutions suites.
· Intelligent Process Automation: Business intelligence being immersed in organizational processes.
· IT Life-Cycle Management: Greater flow and continuity in development and deployment phases.
· Information Governance: More control over data, due to convergence of information systems.
· Intellectual Property Management: Legal protection of ideas.
· Dynamic IT Infrastructure: Adaptive management strategies for IT environments.
· Virtualization: Virtual environment software.

Obviously, it’s impossible to limit the impact of any of these currents to any IT silo. All of them will cut across the industry, but some will impact certain sectors and job roles more than others. For instance, CIOs, IT managers and so forth will care a great deal about things like intellectual property management and enterprise solutions platforms, said Evan Quinn, group vice president of applications research at IDC and editor of the report.

“Different areas impact different segments of IT,” he said. “If you’re back in IT operations, dynamic IT infrastructure and virtualization are two things that are going to impact you really soon if they’re not already. If you’re…



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