ID Experts Announces New Data-Breach Blog

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<p><strong>Beaverton, Ore. &mdash; May 13 </strong><br />ID Experts, a provider of data-breach-protection services, announced its new blog,, that will feature data breach alerts, breach news and online resources for security and privacy professionals.<br /><br />" is a great way for us to consolidate data-breach events and information as they happen and organize that information in ways that are useful for subscribers," said Rick Kam, president of ID Experts. "As an expert in data-breach protection, we can also showcase our own expertise through best practices in managing breach notification, response and more."<br /><br />Among the information featured on the site is a recent study by The Ponemon Institute, "The Consumers Report Card on Data Breach Notification,&rdquo; that revealed 63 percent of respondents were dissatisfied with data-breach notification, and as a result, 31 percent said they terminated their relationship with the organizations.<br /><br />"Our goal is to raise awareness levels around breach and close the gap between legal obligations of a data breach and consumer satisfaction for maintaining a sustainable business," said Kam. "Corporations and other organizations can learn and adopt valuable best practices learned from this report and other information available at"<br /><br />The sponsor of the Data Breach Watch blog, ID Experts, has established data-breach services, ID Experts Breach Respond and ID Experts Breach Assess to address the growing consumer dissatisfaction with current breach and response methods. These services include breach assessment, notification and communications, monitoring and identity theft recovery components. </p><p>Tailored to meet the individual needs of the private sector and government agencies, ID Experts is delivering a comprehensive approach to responding to data-breach events that alleviates legal liability, manages public perception and protects and restores individuals&#39; identities from identity theft. <br /></p>

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