ICOS UNESCO IFAP to Distribute Free Software

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<strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; Oct. 18</strong><br />Comodo, a security company, and ICOS UNESCO IFAP (a nongoverment organization based in Russia), in collaboration with the LinuxCenter, have begun distributing a new collection of software launched through a joint project called the “Free Software for Education, Science and Culture.” <br /><br />The software will be distributed via CD-ROMs and includes a diverse set of applications to enable improved desktop security and to help users manage documents, graphic, audio and video data and office programs.<br /><br />This initiative is privately funded by ICOS UNESCO IFAP, an NGO focused on stimulating educational, science and cultural outreach within many ex-USSR regions. <br /><br />ICOS UNESCO IFAP will distribute this CD-ROM free of charge, and it includes a complete set of the most popular software products: Comodo Firewall Pro, Comodo AntiSPAM, office productivity software, graphic editors, FTP-client, etc.<br /><br />”The total cost of these proprietary software products, would normally be around $4,000″, said Eugene Altovsky, project coordinator and ICOS UNESCO IFAP representative. “We are launching this initiative to stem the use of pirated copies of commercial software products by distributing users this free alternative. The CD-ROM gives users all this software at no cost to encourage people to use authorized versions of software rather than pirated versions.”<br /><br />In addition to combating software piracy in Russia, this initiative also serves another important purpose: to improve the cybersecurity of Russian PCs. <br /><br />This CD-ROM includes security software such as Comodo Firewall Pro, Comodo AntiSPAM and utilities for timely updating of operational systems.<br /><br />”The release of this CD-ROM will protect many computers from harmful malware and viruses,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect. “Our goal is to make the Internet safer for all users by making our high-quality security products, like Comodo Firewall Pro, accessible to all. They are free, have the multilingual interface and are available to all organizations to distribute as part of a worldwide effort to improve cyber security for all PCs users.”

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