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<p><strong>Arlington, Va. &mdash; Dec. 6</strong><br />Plateau Systems, a provider of talent management software, content and services, announced the expansion of its iContent solution, adding specialized content from five new partners: getAbstract, KESDEE, LearnWright, Quality Food Training and WeComply. These partners bring 4,000 new business, finance and compliance titles, in industries such as biotech, pharmaceuticals and food packaging, to the iContent catalog. iContent users now have access to more than 30,000 talent management assets that span a broad range of business, technology and leadership development topics.  <br /><br />According to a recent Bersin & Associates report, content integration is one of the top challenges facing organizations implementing learning management systems, and even well-funded and well-staffed technology groups are supporting multiple sources of content with various levels of integration with their systems. iContent addresses these challenges by providing a single point of access to talent management materials, accelerating content testing and integration to deliver content with less time and effort, and managing all content centrally and securely, with or without a learning management system.<br /><br />&ldquo;Through partnerships with content providers like getAbstract, KESDEE, LearnWright, Quality Food Training and WeComply, iContent provides users with the widest variety of global talent management content in a single solution, from compliance to professional development and industry-specific materials,&rdquo; said Paul Sparta, chairman and CEO of Plateau. &ldquo;With iContent, users can simplify procurement and reduce their content management costs, while improving the way these materials are distributed and integrated into employee development programs. By eliminating the burden of locating, integrating and managing content from multiple vendors, iContent allows users to focus on more strategic activities and using these materials to meet their talent management needs.&rdquo;<br /><br />iContent&rsquo;s compliance offerings now include materials from LearnWright Inc., Quality Food Training and WeComply. LearnWright Inc. offers multimedia training designed for the health and life science industries. iContent users involved with the development, testing and manufacturing of finished pharmaceutical products, biotech products, and blood and plasma products can use this training to comply with regulatory and quality requirements. Through the offerings from Quality Food Training, a training and consultancy company working throughout Britain, Ireland and Europe, iContent users in the food and packaging industry have access to materials ranging from food safety and hygiene to forklift training and risk assessment.  In addition, WeComply gives iContent users compliance training related to different workplace issues, such as business and law, discrimination and harassment, financial integrity, health care and information security.<br /><br />Content from getAbstract and KESDEE significantly expands iContent&rsquo;s current finance, risk and business offerings. getAbstract offers thousands of business book summaries from topic areas such as leadership and management, sales and marketing, finance, HR and IT. KESDEE&rsquo;s offerings, which include 500 accredited courses spanning approximately 1,500 hours of e-learning, provide iContent users with access to finance topics that include credit risk management, anti-money laundering, insurance and accounting. KESDEE also provides online tutorials for Risk Manager Certification Exams, such as Financial Risk Manager (FRM) and Professional Risk Manager (PRM).<br /><br />Companies are realizing substantial benefits from adopting iContent as the preferred solution for purchasing, delivering, and managing learning and talent management content. By providing organizations with a single place to buy, manage and store third-party and custom-developed content, iContent speeds the availability and delivery of content, while simultaneously decreasing the time and labor costs associated with managing and storing learning and talent management content. View information about iContent at http://www.plateau.com/icontent/. </p>

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