IBM Tivoli Cert Program Unveils Wall of Fame

What do Cooperstown, N.Y., Canton, Ohio and Austin, Tex., have in common? Each boasts a venue that recognizes several of the best performers in a particular field. However, while the first two deal with athletics—the locations of Baseball Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, respectively—the last is the site of the IBM Tivoli certification wall of fame, established to recognize the support professionals in the company who have contributed to the program’s success.

“We in the certification program were looking for ways to promote certification within IBM and especially within Tivoli,” said Susan Farago, program manager of Tivoli professional certifications. “We’ve been trying to come with ideas for about the past six months. This Wall of Fame was one of the things we really wanted to do, but it kind of stayed on paper and never really got off the ground.”

“We see it as internal marketing, both for the certification process and support,” added Sara Brumfield, a software engineer at the Tivoli support center in Austin. “The goal of this was to actually limit it to the people working in this building. Right now, it’s just support engineers.”

Farago and Brumfield, who is one of the individuals recognized on the wall of fame, devised and worked together on the project. “Sara was a subject-matter expert in one of the exam development workshops,” Farago said. “She and I got to talking about this idea and we both just looked at each other…



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