IBM Tivoli Cert Program: Looking For Good SMEs

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The IBM Tivoli certification program has issued a request to any interested IT professionals with expertise around that software for their participation in four upcoming certification development workshops. The events will help formulate content for the Tivoli Federated Identity Manager v6.0 Implementation exam (#875).


“We’re looking for people who have deployment or implementation experience,” Susan Farago, manager of the Tivoli professional certification program. “That can be anybody, from a business partner deploying Tivoli products to a customer who has to deploy Tivoli products within their own environment. It could be IBMers who work in a services organization and are going out and working with customers. It could be a support professional who has to support the deployment of a particular product.


IBM is looking for between five and eight SMEs for four workshops in March to address (in order) job-task analysis (JTA), item writing, technical review and scoring. All participants will be reimbursed for any travel and lodging expenses, and will receive certain benefits for their services. “The subject-matter experts get a chance to talk to other SMEs, so they can network and really collaborate on this project,” Farago said. “That’s the biggest benefit. The second benefit is that they get grandfathered into the certification for their participation in the workshop.” She added that attendees also get a T-shirt and an exam voucher.


Only one of the conferences, the JTA workshop, will require the physical presence of the SMEs, Farago said. “The JTA is essentially four days of brainstorming in a conference room, and really carving out what the role of the certified professional looks like and all of the paths, skills and knowledge that a person needs to have in order to deploy this particular product. That really serves as the backbone of the entire exam. The rest of them can be done through conference calls and a variety of collaborative software tools.”


All experts with Tivoli are encouraged to attend any event they wish, regardless of their professional background. “We’re looking for a variety of professionals who have the same types of skill sets,” Farago said. “All of our exams and certifications are role-based and are geared toward the role of the person who either deploys or implements a particular Tivoli product. Whether they’re defining the role in the job-task analysis or they’re writing specific test questions or scoring test questions, it all comes back to the same type of role.” Interested parties can register at


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