IBM Professional Certification Announces Benefits

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To combat skepticism surrounding the value of certification, IBM is launching a new campaign to showcase IBM Professional Certification, a program that provides IT professionals with an opportunity to demonstrate to customers and colleagues their skills in the latest IBM technology.

New features of the IBM Certification Program include an electronic certification kit in PDF format, which allows candidates to explore IBM Professional Certification and learn its benefits. The e-kit contains value messaging and many items available for download including an online video, related resource information for education sites, tools, success stories, value sheets, FAQ and a customizable brochure for IBM business partners.


“We’re rolling out some new features to highlight the value of our certification and then promote the certified community,” said Becky Gonzalez, program manager, IBM. “Today everything revolves around technology. Skill development is a journey. You have to have the right skills, and with the right skills you can really go anywhere. Our certifications validate those skills and we can get you where you want to go.”


IBM will also conduct a phased rollout of a new collaboration center called Certification Central in June. The private site for IBM certified professionals will promote skill development through collaboration and will allow users to share knowledge and learn from others using forums and a document library.


“The documents will be things that are pertinent to the different brands in the product areas people have certifications—with links to other sites that might be available,” said Gonzalez. “We’re going to have a separate space for each of our certification areas where they can have forums specialized in specific products. The program manager for that product area will be putting in their library things that are of interest to that community.”


The product areas for software include DB2, Tivoli, Lotus and WebSphere. The hardware side includes the eServers: iSeries, pSeries, xSeries and Total Storage. There is also the e-business-on-demand solution area.


“That’s part of our message,” said Gonzalez. “Across the IBM certification, we offer a total solution. We have a wide and varied portfolio to offer and position our certified community to meet today’s IT business demands and challenges.”


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