IBM Professional Certification: Solutions-Oriented

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When you’re the world’s largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate, you know as much about the IT journey as the destination. In the past it was about mainframe capacity. Later it was about PCs, speed and connectivity. Today, it’s all about end-to-end solutions and e-business on demand—and IBM is leading the charge.


What Is an On-Demand Business?
Sam Palmisano, IBM chairman and CEO, defines an on-demand business as, “An enterprise whose business processes—integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers—can respond with speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat.”


The journey to become an on-demand business can be tough. The business world is changing faster and more unpredictably than ever before. To stay competitive, businesses need to gain the speed, flexibility and resilience to handle whatever the market does next.


IBM has the product and solution expertise to enable integrated solutions that can transform a business into an on-demand e-business, incorporating the vast IBM product line to help build the infrastructure needed to support the solution design.


On-demand business solutions require changes in the way companies deal with business strategy and technology. Companies need a well-designed IT infrastructure to realize the competitive advantage that on-demand business can bring. As a result, businesses find themselves more reliant on IT professionals.


The Professional Certification Program From IBM
The Professional Certification Program from IBM aligns with the e-business on-demand strategy. IBM certification is an end-to-end solution itself—reaching across the broad spectrum of IBM products, solutions and technologies that help enable customers or their trading partners, large and small, to take full advantage of e-business on demand.


Given that the IBM product line is vast, it provides for many different certification opportunities. IBM Certified Professionals can specialize in software, hardware or e-business solutions. The certification program is designed not only for individuals who may focus on a piece of the puzzle, as in a single product type, but also for those who choose to build a broader set of skills needed for a complex solution. Overall, the program is designed to support the business need for many different skill sets.


“Business today is solution-based,” said Ruth Lipscomb, manager, IBM PartnerWorld, Training and Certification Programs. “By enabling their staffs across a broader set of skills, businesses can develop the skills needed to remain competitive. That’s what the IBM Professional Certification Program is all about. Our program is designed to validate skills needed to support the solution-oriented approach required for the way business is conducted today.”


A Broad-Spectrum Certification Program
With the Professional Certification Program from IBM, it’s possible to become certified in a variety of IBM brand-related product lines that together can be used to build a customer’s solution. One can focus on content and data management, application servers or portals, collaboration or systems management, as well as a variety of server and storage platforms on which to build the solutions.


Software Certifications:



  • IBM DB2 Information Management: Data management software is about getting the maximum value from information assets. With IBM DB2 Information Management, a business can leverage information on demand. The certifications available span IBM DB2 Universal Database, Content Management, Business Intelligence and IBM Informix.
  • IBM WebSphere: WebSphere is IBM’s world-class software platform for e-business on demand, delivering a proven, secure and reliable software platform. Providing a full range of middleware software and support offerings, WebSphere is Internet infrastructure software designed to enable companies to deploy and integrate next-generation e-business applications from simple Web publishing to enterprise-scale transaction processing. The WebSphere brand certifications cover the extensive WebSphere product line including Application Server, Business Integration, Commerce, Portal, Studio, Transaction Servers & Tools and Web services.
  • Lotus: Lotus software can improve organizational efficiency with collaboration and information management, and can tailor interactive Web experiences for employees, suppliers and customers. There are Lotus certifications for application developer and system administrator tracks for Lotus Notes and Domino, Collaborative Solutions and Lotus Workplace.
  • Tivoli: Tivoli systems management software helps to intelligently monitor, control, optimize and orchestrate the on-demand computing environment. Certifications in this product category cover the full range of availability, business service management, provisioning and orchestration, resilience and storage management, as well as identity, access and security management solutions.


IBM Systems and Technology Certifications:



  • TotalStorage: The IBM TotalStorage family of products is designed to deliver quality and performance in open storage networking. It provides solutions that are based on open standards and are interoperable in today’s on-demand environment. There are TotalStorage solution certifications for open systems, high-end disk, high-end tape, networking virtualization, as well as storage sales roles. Certified professionals can effectively leverage these IBM TotalStorage solutions.
  • iSeries: IBM eServer iSeries servers are based on open standards and built for the on-demand world. iSeries servers are highly integrated, highly reliable and run multiple operating systems and applications simultaneously. Their capacity-on-demand and workload-management capabilities adjust to ever-changing business needs. There are a variety of iSeries certifications covering both the iSeries platform and a range of solutions supported by the server.
  • pSeries: World-class UNIX and Linux implementations from IBM pSeries are the result of leading-edge IBM technologies including POWER4+ processors and autonomic computing features. Through high performance and flexibility between AIX 5L and Linux operating environments, pSeries servers deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions. The pSeries certified professional can deliver high-powered solutions with this product. The pSeries certifications, which range from entry-level to advanced, include System Administration, System Support, Solution Sales and more.
  • xSeries: Becoming an on-demand business means finding new ways to grow, adapt and respond in a dynamic business environment while managing costs. IBM eServer xSeries systems provide outstanding availability and system management for a responsive IT environment that can grow with a business. Some of the xSeries certifications encompass xSeries skill, as well as the industry NOS software that runs on the platform. These certifications include Systems Experts in xSeries Linux and xSeries Windows. In addition to other technical certifications, the xSeries also certifies the sales role.
  • Point-of-sale: IBM offers a full range of point-of-sale hardware and software solutions to help retailers compete in the retail-on-demand environment. Certifications are offered for both sales and technical roles.


E-Business Certifications:
IBM e-business certifications bring it all together. IBM offers two professional certifications for e-business that cut across brand and product technologies. The e-business certifications include both sales and technical design roles. These so

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