IBM Certification for a Dynamic Infrastructure

In a time of financial challenges, it is more critical than ever that businesses be able to respond quickly, with flexibility and confidence, to the rapid changes of the marketplace. A successful business response should be as dynamic in nature as the actively changing market requirements.

IBM’s answer to the dynamic requirements of business today is an IT strategy based on the concept of a dynamic infrastructure. A dynamic infrastructure is optimized, agile, responsive and automated. It integrates business and IT assets and aligns them with the overall goals of the business, and it is designed to dynamically improve service, reduce costs and manage risks.

In such a challenging business environment, it is key that IT professionals have traditional IT skills as well as credentials to support their ability to perform and meet the IT challenges of today’s dynamic business world. In keeping with the IBM strategy, and in response to such skill needs, IBM has recently deployed a Dynamic Infrastructure certification program for IT professionals.

IBM Dynamic Infrastructure Certification

The Dynamic Infrastructure certification program includes several certifications in various specialty areas. Tying the specialties together are two additional certifications related to sales and technical professionals in leadership roles.

For those in sales leadership roles, the IBM Certified Solution Expert – Dynamic Infrastructure Sales Leader certification targets a wide audience of sales professionals, with a specific focus on the IBM Business Partner. For those in technical leader roles, the IBM Certified Solution Expert – Dynamic Infrastructure Technical Leader…



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