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IBM has extended the scope and focus of its continuing technology education program for corporate customers to individual IT workers–along with increasing the number of cities served by the program–which will provide IT professionals across the country with access to training for some of the industry’s most in-demand skills. These courses equip individual workers with the abilities and knowledge they need to remain competitive in today’s technology marketplace, company officials said.

“Success is significantly dependent on the skills of the people doing the work,” said Greg Schrubbe, IBM’s director of Global IT Education Services. “You need to have the ability to work with individuals and get them the education they need.”


IBM public courses give professionals hands-on experience in areas such as Linux, wireless integration, security, Cisco networking, enterprise databases, Java and Web Services/XML. “We’re shaping our portfolio to align training to ‘hot’ skills,” Schrubbe said. He added that the program affords participants context-based learning in multiple markets.


The courses are now offered in 67 cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., Houston, Miami, Denver, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Calif., Las Vegas, Baltimore, San Diego, Detroit, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.


The expansion of IBM’s public education offerings follows on the heels of the company’s recently launched initiative for college students, in which IBM is collaborating with educators to teach the open-standards skills necessary to compete and keep pace with changes in the unfolding IT workplace. The IBM Academic Initiative helps prepare college students for jobs prior to entering the workplace.


Schrubbe said ventures like these were standard modus operandi for IBM’s IT Education Services, and that the department’s experience would serve users well. “We’ve been doing consumer-based training for some time. We’ve always strived to be the premier education provider in the marketplace,” he said.


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