I_Tech Corp. Uses Netop Remote Control to Connect With Clients

<strong>Chicago &mdash; April 23</strong><br />A growing data processing service company in Montana has been using NetOp Remote Control software to support its financial services clients. The software has been successfully used by i_TECH Corp. to remotely connect to users located in different cities or states, letting support staff take temporary control of users&#39; computers to help them overcome technical difficulties.<br /><br />i_TECH Corp. consults in the financial services industry to provide a range of services from network access, item processing, financial reporting, customer relationship management and ATM services. NetOp Remote Control, developed by Danish IT Co., Danware and sold in the U.S. by its wholly owned subsidiary, NetOp Tech, is used as a comprehensive tool to overcome any issues clients may have with their software.<br /><br />"In our business it is essential to quickly and efficiently solve our clients problems," said Laura Kolterman, IT manager for i_TECH Corp. "Using NetOp Remote Control, we can get our clients back to work faster without necessarily making an on-site visit. It saves time and money for us and our clients."<br /><br />The i_TECH support staff uses NetOp Remote Control to connect to the systems of more than 2,000 host users. The software enables support personnel with prior approval to connect and manage a user&#39;s system with full control of the network, Internet, registry and task manager. Support staff can even take an inventory of the system&#39;s hardware and software configurations and copy or transfer files.<br /><br />Advanced features of the software allow chat…



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