“I got the mid-year blues…”

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It’s late June. The weather has changed, settled into its warmth. The sun’s rays are long. It’s perfect walking-and-exploring weather, but—big, sad sigh—walking and exploring have to wait until after work.


Since you spend a lot of time each day at work, it’s also the perfect time to start thinking about your performance review. “What do you mean? That’s not until early next year, after the holidays.” True, but how far along are you in making any recognizable performance changes? What have you improved? Contributed? Are you interested in getting a raise? If so, now’s the time to start thinking about it.


Many of you smarty pants out there are already on the case. You’ve been working since the last performance review to get your act together. You have made noticeable improvements, and have the e-mail compliments to prove it. You’ve been given additional responsibilities and have not the let the winning side down yet. You’ve improved soft-skill-wise and continue to get more fabulous every day.


For the rest of you, though, it’s time to shake your complacent little tail into gear. It’s time to put the shine on! What have you done for your boss lately? Have you said ‘yes’ to something you perhaps didn’t want to, seeing as it came in at the last minute and you already had five other projects on your plate? Did you say ‘yes’ graciously and then deliver a project worth more than a ‘thank you’? If pressed, could you put together a list of five, or even 10, solid ways that you have contributed to the company’s bottom line? Think about it. We’re talking about you contributing dollar-generating content, or creating a program that increased efficiency, or a process that decreased resource-sucking errors for a key department. See what I mean? Can you compile a favorable report on yourself?


If not—if your yearly report is sketchy or limp or not decked out in full-color graphic regalia—it’s past time for a performance tune-up. What areas can you contribute to in a more visible way? Where can you point to your name and say, this makes the company money? All you passive, peaceable types are recoiling from this blog in disgust. It sounds so money motivated, right? Wrong. This line of thinking is perfectly in order because your company shares it. Your goals should be aligned with the company’s goals. We’re looking for a win-win situation. Win with two winners. Pull your weight, and the company should pull its weight as well.

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