Human Capital Institute, Buck Consultants Agree

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<p><strong>Washington, D.C. &mdash; May 25</strong><br />The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and Buck Consultants, an ACS company and human capital consulting and HR delivery firms, have announced that Buck Consultants will support HCI initiatives as a global underwriter, helping bring the latest human capital education, metrics and tools to corporations.<br /><br />Buck Consultants and HCI will form a strong foundation for the development of HCI education and events. </p><p>The partnership allows two strong players in the human capital arena to align their knowledge and experience, as well as connect with each other&#39;s communities. </p><p>As a result of the agreement, HCI will provide corporate membership, with associated access to education, resources and tool sets, to Buck Consultants&#39; employee base and select Buck Consultants clients.<br /><br />&quot;Buck Consultants is pleased to enter into an agreement with the Human Capital Institute,&quot; said Jan Grude, Buck Consultants president and executive managing director. &quot;The organization&#39;s contributions to the industry are impressive and its growth tremendous. HCI&#39;s mission is aligned with the future of HR and supports our mission of helping organizations develop, deploy and fiscally manage human capital,&quot; </p><p>Buck Consultants will sponsor various HCI s events and initiatives, including B-School network-and-learn events and city talent summits. </p><p>B-School events are powerful seminars at leading business schools throughout the United States and Canada that encourage knowledge sharing and interaction, as well as offer opportunities for engagement.&nbsp; </p><p>City talent summits are one-day events that connect key regional employers, academia, government and media in a partnership to attract, grow and retain the best talent.<br /><br />&quot;The alliance between HCI and Buck Consultants allows us to tap into a wealth of talent management experience, best practices and innovation,&quot; said Allan Schweyer, HCI president and executive director.</p>

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