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<p><strong>Washington &mdash; Nov. 12</strong><br />The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and Vurv Technology, a global provider of technology and services for building great workforces, announced that the two organizations will jointly launch a “Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring” education and research track. The track is one of several topics addressed in HCI&#39;s Talent Leadership community of interest, a community HCI considers critical to organizations working to leverage human capital for maximum results.<br /><br />”No two mergers are the same, but there are consistent reasons for their success or failure &mdash; and many do fail. Fifty to 70 percent of M&A deals fail to achieve expected synergies and financial results, and often failure is attributable to talent management issues,” said Allan Schweyer, HCI&#39;s president and executive director.<br /><br />Financial goals may be the overarching reason for mergers and acquisitions, but deals that also consider the human aspects are far more likely to succeed. In fact, of M&A deals deemed successful, 85 percent included HR throughout the entire process in order to implement high-impact change management processes that successfully married different corporate cultures and retained key talent.<br /><br />With the understanding that today it is more important than ever to execute business strategies quickly while at the same time avoiding diminished morale and talent defection, HCI&#39;s learning track focuses on finding the balance between the value of the deal and the value of the human components. The track addresses pre-merger scenarios to mitigate potential risks; due diligence to avoid hidden costs; managing post-mergers dips in productivity and culture clashes from restructuring; and critical talent retention. A panel of expert advisors explores these issues, drawing on best practices in mergers and acquisitions, sharing information with human capital professionals through Webcasts, white papers, education and other resources.<br /><br />”Mergers and acquisitions are about merging financial assets and business operations, but they&#39;re also about merging talent. Organizations that understand this, and prepare and proceed accordingly, are more likely to succeed,” said Derek Mercer, Vurv&#39;s chief executive officer. “By supporting HCI&#39;s learning track, it is our intention to provide resources that can make a difference in this critical area.” </p>

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