HRsmart Introduces OffBoarding Solution

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<p><b>Richardson, Texas &mdash; Jan. 9</b><br />HRsmart, a provider of talent management technology solutions, has introduced an offboarding product to help streamline the termination process. </p><p>The new OffBoarding solution will transform the termination process from a HR-centered function into a uniform process that managers throughout the organization can easily complete. &nbsp;<br /><br />HRsmart&rsquo;s OffBoarding solution allows managers to follow a series of steps through which they can inventory assigned company assets and oversee their return, monitor the revocation of third-party account access (i.e. CRM systems or other subscription-based services) and upload necessary paperwork and employment history reports involved in the proper termination of employees. &nbsp;<br /><br />The solution also facilitates the creation of exit surveys to be completed at the time of termination. These surveys give managers, as well as human resource associates, the opportunity to analyze key termination issues and recognize unfavorable trends. <br /><br />In order to promote the replacement of employees who have been terminated as a result of involuntary layoffs, HRsmart&rsquo;s OffBoarding solution will aid in the creation of a central database of resume information, which will allow companies within the industry to search resumes for possible job candidates. </p><p>Subsequently, it provides a central location for logging and reviewing whether or not an individual is eligible to be rehired within the organization.<br /><br />&ldquo;HRsmart&rsquo;s complete suite of talent management solutions helps organizations manage all of their human capital from sourcing the candidate and integrating them into the organization to development and, when the time comes to retiring the individual from the company,&rdquo; said Mark Hamdan, HRsmart President and CEO. &ldquo;Our new OffBoarding solution rounds out the suite by ensuring necessary actions have been taken and documented when an individual leaves the organization.&rdquo;<br /><br />The uniformity of processes created through the HRsmart OffBoarding solution can help managers complete the termination process with fewer errors that could cost their organization time and money.&nbsp; </p><p>Important records are stored in one central location to improve efficiency and reduce paperwork. </p>

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