HRsmart Introduces Next-Generation Talent Suite

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<strong>Richardson, Texas &mdash; Oct. 10</strong><br />HRsmart Inc., a provider of integrated talent management technology solutions, has launched its talent management application suite, which is made up of 10 applications, including applicant tracking, employee performance management, career development and succession planning and learning management. <br /><br />The new suite sports a single sign-on and a revamped look and feel for enhanced usability, as well as easier access to perform cross-functional tasks and run cross-application reports.<br /><br />HRsmart&rsquo;s Talent Management Suite&rsquo;s new interface gives new life to the solution&rsquo;s deep, rich functionality. <br /><br />It provides users with easier navigation throughout the entire suite and minimizes the time it takes to accomplish tasks. Managers and employees can perform tasks across multiple applications with ease. <br /><br />For example, a manager can sign up employees for training while completing a performance appraisal. <br /><br />The manager can post a new job requisition from the succession-planning screen, evaluate and compare external applicants with internal succession candidates, perform detailed gap analysis or sign up a new hire for orientation training from the onboarding screens.<br /><br />Because of the system&rsquo;s common database, it is easy to generate reports using data from multiple applications. <br /><br />The reporting tool comes standard with more than 80 reports to support the company&rsquo;s decision making process. Trends are easily detected and actions determined. <br /><br />Examples of such expanded reporting includes training effectiveness, recruiter or search agency effectiveness, quality of hire, sources of top talent or turnover costs. <br /><br />HRsmart&rsquo;s Talent Management Suite also easily integrates with an organization&rsquo;s HRIS/HRMS or system of record. Because of the common database, a single integration is required to create a link between all of the company&rsquo;s talent management solutions and the HRIS system.<br /><br />&ldquo;Even though the return on investment for the complete suite is compelling, we recognize that many organizations may not have an immediate need for every product in the suite,&rdquo; said Greg Strange, vice president of product development. &ldquo;Each solution is designed with depth and breadth in functionality to stand on its own, and additional solutions can be added in a &lsquo;plug and play&rsquo; method when they are needed.&rdquo;

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