HRMC, SmashFly Integrate Job Posting Feature

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<p><strong>Tampa, Fla. &mdash; June 12&nbsp;</strong><br />Human Resource Management Center Inc. (HRMC), a pioneer in applying cutting-edge technology to talent acquisition, has partnered with SmashFly, a provider of automated talent marketing platform solutions, to integrate job posting functionality within HRMC&#39;s Web-enabled candidate-screening and assessment platform. </p><p>Now, hiring mangers can post positions to hundreds of job boards with a single click of a mouse. Candidates can then apply directly to a posting on a job board, using a Web- and IVR-enabled process that combines all phases of screening and assessment into a seamless, single-session experience.<br /><br />The process of posting jobs for many companies remains a manual, slow and inefficient procedure that is typically done in an ad hoc fashion, with no way of measuring overall results or performance. </p><p>With SmashFly&#39;s SimplePost system, hiring mangers can build job descriptions and distribute them to select job boards, covering everything from complimentary (SimplyHired) to paid sites (Monster) to those covering government positions (USA Jobs) to vertical markets (Call Center Classified) &mdash; with the click of a button.<br /><br />The system also will automatically gather, track and analyze the effectiveness of postings by capturing how often a job is viewed on each board, how many candidates apply or how many e-mail submissions are received. </p><p>HRMC Acclaim handles the entire pre-screening and assessment process (which includes realistic job previews, prescreening, behavioral interviewing, candidate ranking and scheduling for the final interview) and defers the hiring manger&#39;s intervention to a later phase of the evaluation process where it is most needed. </p><p>HRMC&#39;s ability to determine the quality of candidates referred from each source adds further clarity to the ROI analysis of job board performance.</p><p>&quot;As a Web service, SmashFly will simplify the way our clients post their openings to various job boards and career sites,&quot; said Ron Selewach, HRMC CEO. &quot;Clients will now be able to easily post their openings through our<br />employer interface, which they are already familiar with. In addition to Acclaim&#39;s ability to automatically present realistic job previews and conduct interactive multimedia interviews and assessments, clients will now have a streamlined procedure for posting job openings.&quot;<br /><br />Michael Hennessy, SmashFly founder and CEO, agreed. </p><p>&quot;Web services technology will dramatically alter how enterprise software applications are built, and SmashFly is uniquely positioned to deliver on these opportunities in the HR marketplace,&quot; Hennessy said. &quot;We are excited to be at the forefront of this next wave of technology and innovation and look forward to delivering these exciting new services to our clients and ultimately revolutionizing the way companies build their workforces.&quot;</p>

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