HRMC Inc., SHL Partner to Provide Screening

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<p><strong>Tampa, Fla. &mdash; May 22</strong><br />Human Resource Management Center Inc. (HRMC), a provider of &quot;next-generation&quot; selection, assessment and management solutions, has partnered with SHL, a provider of objective workplace assessment. </p><p>HRMC Acclaim, an automated candidate screening platform (both Web- and phone-based), has integrated SHL&#39;s validated testing assessments into the &quot;single engagement&quot; candidate<br />experience. </p><p>Now, hiring managers can hand off the entire pre-screening and assessment process &mdash; which includes realistic job previews, pre-screening, behavioral interviewing, candidate ranking and scheduling for the final interview &mdash; and defer their intervention to a later phase of the evaluation process where it is most needed. </p><p>From the candidate&#39;s perspective, the single-engagement experience is made even more inviting, satisfying and<br />convenient, as each candidate is more thoroughly evaluated in the same seamless session.<br /><br />The partnership offers customers an integrated, holistic solution that makes interpretation and scoring of assessments, as well as the entire (multiple-hurdle) selection process, easy, efficient and reliable &mdash; the Acclaim system will do all of the scoring and interpretation.<br /><br />&quot;This partnership leverages the utility of SHL&#39;s validated assessments, which are the most trusted and respected in the world, to allow hiring managers to further reduce the time and resources it takes to find, evaluate and hire talent,&quot; Ron Selewach, HRMC CEO, said. &quot;Acclaim&#39;s<br />enhanced assessment capabilities, which can be moved to any point in the screening process, enables administrators or managers to determine when it makes the most sense to assess relevant competencies before moving on to the<br />next interview phase. </p><p>&quot;By embedding SHL&#39;s psychometric assessments, Acclaim helps organizations hire the best people in terms of both talent and culture fit.&quot;<br /><br />Assessments include ability testing, personality assessments and simulations (for instance, candidates for a call center position are engaged in real time in an interactive series of activities designed to gauge their<br />response time, ability to follow directions, their professionalism, etc.).</p><p>Assessments are tailored to specific positions and job levels &mdash; from directors and senior management to semi-skilled workers.<br /><br />&quot;HRMC Acclaim is ideally suited to bring the power of assessments to both candidates and employers,&quot; said Nels Wroe, SHL USA commercial operations<br />manager. &quot;The unique approach taken by HRMC ensures that the candidate experience is as streamlined as possible. For employers, the partnership provides quicker and more accurate access to qualified candidates with the<br />potential to succeed.&quot;<br /><br />Although the initial focus will be on delivering the integrated HRMC Acclaim platform to organizations across North America, HRMC will look to leverage SHL&#39;s global presence in rolling out the platform across Europe and Asia.</p>

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