HRMC Partners with Profit Hunters International

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<p><strong>Tampa, Fla. &mdash; Aug. 14</strong><br />Human Resource Management Center Inc. (HRMC), a pioneer in applying cutting-edge technology to talent<br />acquisition, has partnered with Profit Hunters International Inc. to provide Acclaim users with access to Winslow Personality Profiles and Reports. </p><p>The Winslow assessments are ideally suited to assist business, sports and religious organizations in determining which candidates possess the behavior, attitude and culture fit necessary to contribute successfully to their operations and meet their specialized needs.<br /><br />Acclaim, a Web and IVR-enabled recruiting solution, is a seamless process that includes realistic job previews, pre-screening, behavioral interviewing, candidate ranking and scheduling for the final interview.<br /><br />Acclaim defers the hiring manger&#39;s intervention to a later phase of the evaluation process where it is most needed. </p><p>This partnership complements Acclaim&#39;s capabilities by providing organizations with the ability to schedule qualified candidates to take proctored Winslow assessments, which can be given at the employer&#39;s location, so they can then determine which individuals should move through the process toward the interview stage.</p><p>Additionally, HRMC has been named an “Endorsed Service Provider” by Profit Hunters, which adds Acclaim to the company&#39;s lineup of premier tools and services for enhancing operating performance.</p><p>”Most assessments begin and end with a candidate&#39;s skills and experience, which misses an important component: culture fit,” said Ron Selewach, HRMC founder and CEO. “Combining Acclaim&#39;s capabilities with Profit Hunter&#39;s Winslow Reports provides employers with comprehensive insight into a candidate&#39;s behavior while also assessing their relevant skills and suitability for the position within the context of the company&#39;s culture. Ultimately, this type of assessment is significantly more predictive of a new hire&#39;s success and length of productive service with the company.”</p><p>Profit Hunters Founder and CEO Tony DiRico agreed. </p><p>”The standard candidate assessment process is lengthy and inexact,” DiRico said. “HRMC and Profit Hunter take a similar approach to candidate assessment, viewing culture fit as important as an evaluation of the candidate&#39;s skill set. </p><p>”Acclaim&#39;s technology makes the candidate assessment process simpler and more efficient for the hiring manager and offers candidates a far more inviting experience. Our<br />Winslow proctored assessments provide hiring managers with specfic evaluation tools for an even more focused and specialized assessment. This partnership represents a comprehensive and synergistic approach to talent management.”</p>

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