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<p><strong>Tampa, Fla. &mdash; Sept. 20</strong><br />Human Resource Management Center Inc. (HRMC) has partnered with Employment Background Investigations Inc. (EBI) to integrate a pre-employment verification process in HRMC&#39;s automated candidate screening and assessment platform. </p><p>EBI&#39;s technology extends the functionality of HRMC Acclaim, a comprehensive Web and IVR-enabled screening and assessment solution, by adding background checks and drug test reporting as the final phase of the hiring process for qualified candidates.<br /><br />Candidates apply for positions using Acclaim, which walks them through a comprehensive single-session screening and assessment process, covering realistic job previews, pre-screening, behavioral interviewing and skills assessment. </p><p>Job offers are then automatically extended to qualified candidates contingent on the results of a background check and drug screen. </p><p>A qualified status triggers a real-time XML feed to EBI where an extensive and comprehensive background check and screening is initiated. </p><p>The results of the background check, as well as that of a drug screen, are reported back to employers via Acclaim. </p><p>”Leveraging the utility of EBI&#39;s pre-employment verification services adds another key component to Acclaim&#39;s functionality,” said Ron Selewach, HRMC founder and CEO. “Employers now have a seamless and vigorous process that provides them with an end-to-end solution that not only qualifies candidates by skill but also validates their propensity to be trusted and productive members of their workforce. </p><p>”The integration of EBI&#39;s pre-employment validation process in Acclaim will deliver significant value for our respective clients by providing a comprehensive solution that covers every phase &mdash; from candidate sourcing to onboarding.”<br /><br />Although the partnership will initially focus on delivering the integrated HRMC Acclaim platform to organizations across North America, HRMC will look to leverage EBI&#39;s global presence in rolling out the platform across Europe and Asia.</p><p>”This partnership offers a holistic approach to candidate recruiting and screening while delivering component-based services, such as background checks and competency assessments, that improve the reliability and quality of candidates,” said Rick Kurland, EBI president and CEO. “It has becoming increasingly important for employers to screen new hires to ensure that they are individuals of character and dependability. We are pleased to be able to partner with HRMC and offer a secure best-of-breed solution that identifies, assesses and validates the quality and integrity of potential employees.”</p>

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