HRMC Inc. and NOVAtime Technology Inc. Partner

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<p><strong>Tampa, Fla. &mdash; Nov. 7</strong><br />Human Resource Management Center Inc. (HRMC), a pioneer in applying cutting-edge technology to talent acquisition, announced a partnership with NOVAtime Technology Inc., a time and attendance solutions provider, to offer employers a comprehensive high-volume Web-based screening and assessment solution that also enables them to quickly onboard new hires with an integrated function for processing time, attendance and payroll data.<br /><br />Candidates apply for jobs using HRMC&#39;s Acclaim(SM), a Web and IVR-enabled recruiting solution, which provides a single-session seamless process that includes realistic job previews, prescreening, behavioral interviewing, skills assessments, candidate ranking and scheduling for the final interview. Following a final interview, an update to a candidate&#39;s status in Acclaim to “hired” triggers a secure real-time feed of key information (name, address, social security number, etc.) to NOVAtime, which maintains built-in integrations with more than 250 payroll vendors. NOVAtime sets up each employee record with the payroll vendor and transfers time and attendance information on an established schedule to ensure that paychecks are accurately and efficiently generated.<br /><br />”The process to bring a high volume of employees on board is challenging and time-consuming,” says Ron Selewach, founder and CEO of HRMC. “NOVAtime&#39;s ability to almost instantaneously onboard new hires complements Acclaim&#39;s capacity to efficiently screen and assess a large number of candidates and identify those who are the most skilled and qualified for a position. This partnership provides employers with a comprehensive solution that not only reduces the time-to-hire, but also reduces the lag time typically associated with getting new hires on the job so they can become productive members of the workforce. Employers in industries such as retail, manufacturing or hospitality that need to staff up quickly and efficiently without worrying about back-end processing &mdash; from scheduling to payroll &mdash; will truly benefit from NOVAtime&#39;s integration in Acclaim.”<br /><br />”Shortening the time-to-hire is a major competitive advantage to organizations that need to fill positions quickly with skilled workers,” says Gil Sidhom, vice president of R&D for NOVAtime. “Our partnership with HRMC provides clients with an integrated solution that simplifies and streamlines the entire hiring process &mdash; from evaluating skills to scheduling new employee orientation to processing payroll. Acclaim&#39;s advanced capabilities, which allows candidates to apply for jobs 24×7 via the Web or phone, also complement our focus on providing flexible solutions for an increasing mobile workforce that depend on having wireless access for transmitting time, attendance, and payroll information. The speed and efficiently with which you can qualify, enlist and manage a workforce correlates directly with productivity &mdash; especially in high-turnover environments.” </p>

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