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<p><strong>Aurora, Ontario &mdash; March 28</strong><br />, an online community and social network for HR professionals, has announced that Keith<br />Ferrazzi, Greenlight Consulting CEO; Jon Couture, National City executive vice president of corporate human resources; and Michael G. Winston, Countrywide Financial Corp. managing director and chief leadership officer, will be the first additions to a growing roster of speakers at its upcoming Employers of Excellence National<br />Conference 2007. </p><p>The conference will be Oct. 22-24 at the Red Rock Casino Resort &amp; Spa in Las Vegas.</p><p>&quot;We&#39;re thrilled to be delivering the tremendous experiences and insights of these three business leaders to our community of HR professionals,&quot; said Debbie McGrath, CEO. &quot;Our annual event is the pinnacle of HR education and networking, and the quality of our keynote speakers is unparalleled in the human capital<br />industry. This year, we are taking our event to new heights as we focus on delivering tangible real-world solutions to real-life HR issues.&quot;<br /><br />Ferrazzi is considered by <em>Forbes </em>and <em>Inc. </em>magazines to be one the world&#39;s most connected individuals and is the author of &quot;Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time.&quot;</p><p>Ferrazzi&#39;s keynote address will serve to embolden attendees to build an action plan for success and will help them develop long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships.<br /><br />Winston&#39;s keynote address, &quot;Leading the Way,&quot; will<br />offer observations about companies that act on the belief that during times of both prosperity and uncertainty, success hinges on the quality of a company&#39;s leadership. </p><p>He will bring to light the benefits for those that invest in the leadership of all employees, even in economically challenging times, and will show how these organizations<br />outperform their competitors.<br /><br />Couture will deliver a message of leadership garnered from his 20 years of diverse HR experience at Fortune 500 technology and service companies.<br /><br /> also has issued an open call for presentations, inviting HR solutions providers and HR professionals from across North America to share their case studies and success stories as part of the conference.</p>

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