HP Restructures Certification Program

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HP recently announced changes to the architecture of its worldwide HP Certified Professional Program with the addition of a new focus area called “Hardware Support.” The restructuring was designed to simplify the process of tracking and managing HP credentials.

Under the new structure, the Accredited Platform Specialist (APS)-level credentials that focus on hardware maintenance and repair can be found under the Hardware Support focus area. Karen Stabbert, worldwide marketing manager for HP’s global certification and education department, said this change is designed to give certification candidates an obvious point of entry to the company’s credentialing program.

“This track is designed to equip an individual to provide basic hardware support for commercial/business-class HP products,” she said. “Previously, new candidates beginning a career path within the HP Certified Program found it difficult to find the hardware maintenance track, which for many is traditionally the start of their technical career. By separating this out, we have provided a clearer starting point.”

In addition to the new Hardware Support track, HP has renamed several technical focus areas to be more descriptive: systems integration, systems administration and systems development. The HP Certified Professional Program now has six focus areas.

HP emphasizes that each is a distinct part of its overall certification program — there is not a great deal of overlap between them.

“Each level addresses the skills in product and technology with increasing levels of complexity,” Stabbert said.

Yet she also said they all support one another and are set up so that participants can be certified across the focus areas.

“We specifically designed the architecture in such a way that candidates have the opportunity to specialize in multiple areas,” she said. “As an example, the candidate would have the opportunity to grow from maintenance to integration with the potential to reach the pinnacle of Master Accredited Systems Engineer (MASE).”

For more information, see http://www.hp.com/go/certification.

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