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For the past 20 years, Hewlett-Packard has been considered one of the world’s leaders in printing and digital imaging products. Many of us use HP printers, scanners and other technologies in our everyday work and play. Through the HP Certified Professional program, you can also become certified on these HP products.

HP resellers employ service engineers who are certified by HP’s certification program, enabling them to become authorized to support and sell HP products and services. And by earning an HP Certified Professional credential, you receive the recognition you’ve earned for exceptional sales and technical proficiencies. Because these HP certifications are based on complete sales and technical competencies, they enhance your credibility among partners, customers and potential employers. You can articulate your skills and experience with HP printing technologies so that your customers know you are equipped with the knowledge, tools, methodologies and expertise needed.

HP Certified Professional Program
The HP Certified Professional program is a world-class certification program used around the world to ensure validation of the technical and sales competencies and expertise needed to plan, deploy, support and service HP technologies and solutions. The program is strategically laid out to authenticate the best training and knowledge transfer through the testing of needed skills.

The program is organized into four components: focus areas, certification levels, tracks and the actual certification credential.

Focus areas are the main logical components that certifications are organized under. Each is aligned to a specific job role. In the program, the four focus areas include presales consultant certifications, sales certifications, integration certifications and operating system certifications.

Inside each focus area, there are certification levels. These certification levels are aimed at a specific milestone along a career path. For instance, in the presales consultant focus area, you could learn enough, have enough experience and achieve the qualifications of a consultant. Hence, one of the certification levels inside the presales consultant focus area is the Accredited Presales Consultant.

However, the IT industry abounds with multiple technologies and subjects you could learn and become an expert on. Within each certification level you will find a number of tracks you can select from. Each track is specific to a particular technology. For example, this article pays attention to the Imaging and Printing technologies, which is one track inside of the Accredited Presales Consultant certification level.

The combination of the certification level and the track is the specific certification an individual can attain. So following our example, if you are acting in a technical presales role, you can achieve the Accredited Presales Consultant – Imaging and Printing Solutions certification.

HP’s Imaging and Printing Certifications
HP offers certifications specifically focused on printing technologies. The Imaging and Printing Group of HP develops Internet-savvy printers, digital imaging solutions and digital publishing systems that help people and businesses communicate, share, learn and play. According to NPD Techworld, HP continues to lead the inkjet printer category with 70 percent of the North American inkjet market share. It is important to authorized resellers that service technicians are trained, prepared and proven through certification testing to support these leading technologies.

The focus areas covered by the program include presales consultant and sales focus areas for HP partners, customers and employees engaged in sales, presales and technical roles.

The HP Certified Professional program’s Imaging and Printing sales and presales consultant certifications validate the skills, knowledge and practical experience needed to successfully plan for, propose and sell HP printing and imaging solutions. Jakob Bayer, training manager for HP’s Imaging and Printing Group, said, “IPG sales and presales [consultant] certifications not only ensure that you have expertise in the latest products and solutions from HP, it also moves you closer to partnering with HP through focused channel programs.”

For solution and technical presales experts, there are two current presales consultant certifications:



  • Accredited Presales Professional – Imaging and Printing Solutions
  • Accredited Presales Consultant – Imaging and Printing Solutions


If you need to be the expert in the latest technology and in offering solutions for complex technical and business problems, the presales certifications will verify that you are equipped with the technical skills necessary to effectively plan and design HP-based solutions for your customers.

To earn the Accredited Presales Professional certification, you need to pass one core exam and one additional elective exam. Once that is complete, you can earn the Accredited Presales Consultant certification, which requires you to pass an additional three exams.

For the sales professional, there are two current sales certifications:



  • Accredited Sales Professional – Imaging and Printing Solutions
  • Accredited Sales Consultant – Imaging and Printing Solutions


These certifications help you keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the marketplace. They are designed to ensure that you can effectively anticipate your customers’ business needs and provide the very best HP solution, giving you the competitive edge in understanding and selling HP products, technologies and solutions.

To earn the Accredited Sales Professional certification, you need to pass one core exam and one additional elective exam. Once that is complete, you can earn the Accredited Sales Consultant certification, which requires you to pass an additional three exams.

Bill Horzempa P.E., development manager of the HP Certified Professional program, applauds these new certifications. He said, “HP looks at the new Imaging and Printing certifications as the next addition to its industry-leading certification program. While obtaining certification in specializations is certainly a challenge for an individual, it will be well worth the effort.”

Benefits of HP Certifications
Once you earn any certifications through HP’s certification program, HP continues to support your work, education and advancement by offering a broad and ongoing benefits package. A sample of the valuable benefits includes:



  • Priority hotline support, depending on your specific certification credential.
  • Access to beta and seed operations.
  • Participation in Human Factors study labs for new products.
  • Priority registration at events.
  • Significant discounts at select HP technical symposiums.
  • Updated tools (e.g., SmartStart, CBT and CDs).
  • External branding and promotion.
  • Welcome kit.
  • Logo merchandise.
  • Newsletter.
  • Portal access.
  • Local HP Certified Professional events and special interest groups.


Besides the program’s benefits, HP Certified Professional certifications provide an enhanced level of job security, one of the most important factors in today’s economy. In a 2002 survey, more than two-thirds of the certified individuals and managers responded that technical certifications played a role in job security, making them more confident about their jobs and the work they perform.

HP recognizes just how critical return on investment is. For individuals and organizations, having an HP certification is a profitable investment. In the December 2003 issue of Certification Magazine, HP certifications ranked among the top five in the Annual Salary Survey. CertMag’s studies have shown that HP Certified Professionals make their investment back within one

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