HP Helps Develop Real Skills for a Virtualized Infrastructure

No matter what IT discipline you are in — security, applications development, server administration or other — you can’t escape the fact that virtualization is changing computing as we know it. In data centers, as well as on the desktop, the ratio of one application or user to one computer is a thing of the past. High-value assets such as servers and storage devices are being pooled and provisioned as needed to support multiple operating systems, applications and users.

Today, virtualization is a key element of every company’s IT infrastructure, and Hewlett-Packard is active in developing virtualization technologies. HP’s approach to virtualization delivers applications and business services; puts unused data-center capacity to work on business priorities; and enhances availability, continuity and security. That includes delivering the training and certification needed to build and validate your virtualization knowledge and skills.

Whether you work for a channel partner company that sells HP solutions or for an end-user company that utilizes the solutions to meet your business needs, a critical skill set around these new virtualization technologies is needed. Such skills are invaluable in helping your employer or customers extend the value of past and future IT investments.

HP’s training courses and certifications are geared toward helping an end user develop knowledge of virtualized solutions in all areas of the enterprise infrastructure. Here’s a small sample of what’s available in three popular technology areas: blades, storage and client computing.

Blade Training and Certification: From Novice to Expert

HP BladeSystems are a…



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