HP Forced to Back Out on Promise to Back Up Users’ Files

Hewlett-Packard may be one of the world’s largest IT companies, but that doesn’t make it infallible.

The company’s client software HP Upline – a subscription-based online backup service – was temporarily suspended on April 17 due to some technical glitches, causing the company to fall short on its promise to protect the digital world of its users “whether your hardware fails, your computer is lost or catastrophe strikes.”

Mac users likely breathed a collective sigh of relief; they weren’t affected by Upline’s downtime, since the software is designed only to work on PCs.

The service was restored on April 23, preceding an e-mail apology sent out to subscribers. The company has promised to refund the subscriptions of Upline users who weren’t completely satisfied with the service.

That isn’t the end of it. Since the service provider failed to adequately screen the data-storage service for U.S. residents only, it is now forced to discontinue the subscriptions of international users.

“HP has lost me as a customer now permanently,” wrote a Canadian blogger, who was thankful he decided to take advantage of the free limited version as opposed to purchasing the service. “[It] offers a new service, then forgets to filter out Canadians, and then [it] pulls the plug on the service for those [who] did sign up.”

While unlimited storage plans range in price from $4.99 to $8.99 a month, users can test the limited plan free for a year.

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