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The HP Americas Certified Professional Program, a 15-nation zone encompassing 38,000 people holding 65,000 certifications, has announced the “REV 2,” or refresh, of its offerings. The new features and services provide current and future HP Certified Professionals with a development framework that extends and validates IT industry competencies.


“We haven’t watered down any of the requirements whatsoever,” said Glenn Rossman, manager of public relations at the HP Solutions partners organization. “At the HP Certified Professional program, we use the same certifications across an end-user customer, an HP partner or HP employees. We’re maintaining a high bar for these certifications.”

The program enhancements are designed to deliver benefits in the following ways: simplification of the Enterprise Storage and Servers (ESS) certifications; a suite of member benefits, including the recently announced Certified Professional Connection and the popular ISO download process for quick access to online tools; and a new recertification program based on Continuing Education Units (CEUs).


“This is just the next generation of the program,” said Rich Gossman, director of the HP Americas Certified Professional program. “(We’re) not taking knowledge requirements out of being certified, but simply removing redundancy out of different certifications and merging them into one. For example, instead of having a credential that requires one exam and having that be a prerequisite for the next, higher level of credential, we simply condensed it into a credential that requires two exams.”


“It really came down to an evolution from a product-based certification program to a solution-based certification program,” Gossman added. “We’re talking about the same knowledge; we’re not forcing somebody to gain three credentials in three different HP technologies, we’re having someone gain an HP credential across those HP technologies. This is just less time in a class, less time in an exam and less dollars spent to gain the same basic amount of knowledge.”


Gossman was particularly excited about the recertification program. Prior to this initiative, HP Americas had used limited, one-size-fits-all continuing certification requirements (CCRs) for HP credential holders. However, with the new recertification program, participants will have a variety of CEUs to choose from, and will receive notification of requirements to stay current, as well as a list of CEUs that will fulfill them.


“Things such as the (HP) Americas technical forum in New Orleans next September will be highly regarded as the kind of thing that will earn you CEU credits,” Gossman said. “Also, you’ll be able to achieve all of the CEU points you need to achieve as a certified professional without ever leaving your place of business as well. We are going to give certified professionals a zero-cost pass to attain the CEU credits necessary during the course of a year.”


Training for HP exams is delivered internally through teams, and by contractors and through the Web for customers. Exams are available at Thomson Prometric testing centers worldwide, although some low-stakes sales exams can be delivered by Thomson Prometric over the Web.


For more information, see http://www.hp.com/certification/americas.

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