How to Spend Free Time at Your Desk

So you’re at work, and you’ve just finished a TV dinner or a warmed over plate of Chinese food from last night. You still have a half-hour or so left in your lunch break, and you want to get in some productive free time without actually leaving your cubicle or office. You may be wondering to yourself, ‘How can I occupy myself during this brief respite in my busy work schedule?’ Glad you asked. Here are a few tips for getting through the lull in your day while remaining stationary:

  • Check Up on the IT Industry: It wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the latest news, technologies and trends in your field. Tech-oriented Web sites run the gamut from the informative ( to the thought-provoking ( to the entertaining ( And I probably don’t need to tell you that one of the best all-around online resources is
  • Play a Game: If you’ve got Windows on your office PC, then it’s likely you know that there are some options available in your “Games” folder—classics like Free Cell, Minesweeper, Hearts and Solitaire (or its jazzier cousin, Spider Solitaire). The Internet offers a wealth of selections, as well, from text-based scenario games to visually extravagant Flash offerings. The Web site is a good place to start. One warning, though: As the name implies, these games are addictive.
  • Read the News: It seems there’s…



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