How to Effectively Mitigate the Increasing Cost of Data Backup

As any business grows, so does the volume of data that its IT staff must back up and store. NetworkWorld reports that the use of electronic communications such as e-mail is increasing 20 percent each year, and message stores are growing more than 35 percent annually.

It is evident that the need for increased bandwidth for data storage continues to rise. IT management firm mindSHIFT Technologies reports a 60 percent increase of storage required by its clients in the past three years. As this demand grows, so does the cost. How can companies mitigate the increasing cost of data backup?

One method is to use operating system policies to limit the amount of data that can be saved on shared and in-home directories on file servers. Setting limits on the capacity of file storage systems helps companies better manage the increasing amount of backup data storage. Companies need to train users how to more efficiently save documents and make educated determinations about which need to be saved.

Another policy-oriented solution is to communicate document and electronic communications policies to users. It is recommended that organizations regularly educate users about methods to decrease the size of files, ways to more efficiently archive and store information and insist that they not use company equipment for “high-byte” activities such as downloading music.

Companies also can choose to restrict user e-mail system capacity by establishing mailbox limits. With such a tremendous increase in electronic communications in recent years, e-mail storage…



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