How to Achieve Work-Class Balance

Successfully managing a full-time job and attending classes can be like scaling Mount Everest in a go-cart if you’re not extremely organized, possessed with Gumby-like flexibility and have the communication skills of a seasoned diplomat. Oh, and a noggin full of effective stress-management tips won’t hurt either.

Take advantage of your forte — technology — to help get and stay organized. Use your hand-held gadgets to program alarms or reminders when you need to complete certain assignments or attend special study groups. Use old-school folders and binders to centralize your papers, as well as easily viewed calendars to note upcoming deadlines so nothing sneaks up on you.

If you’re really a balancing guru, you might consider marking the aforementioned calendar in increments to eliminate that last-minute “Oh, crap!” feeling for complex assignments that might be better completed in stages.

It’s also important to prioritize, as well as keep work and school separate. That separation can sharpen your focus and ensure that both get your full attention in due course.

Some pieces of your schedule, such as the 9-to-5 or after-work classes, are etched in stone, but employing a bit of creative flexibility can increase your knowledge-retention quotient. For instance, complete homework and study at the same time.

If you commute, the train or bus ride can be an ideal time to crank out some work or stuff your brain with facts. Plan time to study. If you have a thorough and thoughtful plan at the…

Kellye Whitney


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