Hottest Jobs Involve Wireless and Mobile Technology

Wireless and mobile devices are some of the technologies that earn the biggest “oohs” and “ahhs” from employees as they gain access to exciting new communication features and options. There’s little doubt that these gadgets have the “wow factor,” but, as many information technology professionals know, a lot of work is required to support and maintain them.

To put it frankly, a mobile workforce is more demanding. Growing use of wireless devices such as smart phones, cell phones and laptops has created new pressures to ensure these tools function effectively and securely within a company’s network. There may be a variety of products and brands in use, requiring IT professionals to broaden their expertise quickly to manage them all.

Here are some of the positions being most affected by the growing use of wireless and mobile devices:

Messaging Administrator
Messaging administrator is one of the hottest job categories in IT right now. According to the “Robert Half Technology 2008 Salary Guide,” salaries for these professionals are expected to increase 7.1 percent this year versus 2007, to between $55,000 and $77,500 annually, due to the strong demand for their talents. Messaging administrators are needed to evaluate, recommend and implement mobile messaging solutions.

Network Manager
Network managers are responsible for ensuring a company’s road warriors can securely and easily access the firm’s data and files remotely. They oversee mobile messaging servers and integrate wireless products into the firm’s network. For three consecutive quarters, networking has been cited as…



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