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Well-known information security test lab and product vendor TruSecure now offers a new service called IntelliShield to prospective customers. IntelliShield draws on the company’s well-respected ICSA test labs (which tests security products, including hardware and software), and includes customized early warning of threats and vulnerabilities, analysis, decision support, and threat management tools to help its customers manage incident monitoring and response, and to get better value out of their information security related investments and expenditures.


The IntelliShield service includes the following elements:



  • Searchable, Web-based threat/vulnerability database: Registered users can access and search a comprehensive database of potential exposures, threats, vulnerabilities, attack signatures, and so forth to identify and deal with potential causes of loss or harm.

  • Custom profiles and notifications: IntelliShield customer profiles provide information only about relevant systems, platforms, vulnerabilities and threats. Thus, only information of interest is provided in notifications and alerts, thereby eliminating sources of unnecessary noise and confusion.

  • Secure collaboration, task management, and workflow: IntelliShield’s Web-based console helps security and administrative professionals respond quickly and effectively to security events by permitting designation of task assignments to individuals, tracking response activity and progress, and sharing security information as needed across an entire organization.


Personally, I think IntelliShield represents an emerging and workable model for tailored, managed security services and information delivery that more and more vendors will follow over time. By providing critical information that’s guaranteed to be of interest along with tools to help organizations recognize and handle security incidents, TruSecure is helping organizations do what needs doing under dire circumstances. Managed security providers, security services, consultants, and so forth end up doing this kind of thing anyway, so it’s nice to see a formal structure in which to take care of such business.


For more info on IntelliShield, with pointers to a data sheet and a trial download, visit

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