Hostway’s Fax Over E-Mail Solution Saves Money

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<p><strong>Chicago &mdash; Nov. 29</strong><br />Hostway Corp., a global Web hosting provider, has launched Fax over E-mail, a solution that lets customers send, receive and store faxes using an e-mail account rather than a traditional fax machine.<br /><br />The benefits of Fax over E-mail are:<br /><br />&bull;    Increased productivity &mdash; users can send and receive faxes anywhere they have e-mail access.<br />&bull;    Lower costs &mdash; businesses don&#39;t have to spend money on fax machines, equipment repairs or other supplies associated with traditional, free-standing fax machines.<br />&bull;    Space saving &mdash; faxes can be digitally archived and stored. No printouts or file cabinets to fill.<br /><br />Fax over E-mail assigns a phone number to each plan, which can be accessed by multiple users. This makes it ideal for small functional groups like legal or HR departments, or a small business with a handful of employees. A Fax over E-mail user can produce a fax by just scanning any document, or he can directly transmit virtually any document created on his computer, including all the common formats used universally in business today: PDFs, TIFFs, MS Word documents, text documents, etc. The user attaches the document to an e-mail message and sends the message to the recipient&#39;s fax number. Fax over E-mail translates the fax into a document that can be read by a fax machine and sends the data over the phone line. To receive a fax using Fax over E-mail, users simply check their e-mail accounts. Any incoming faxes will be listed in the inbox and can be viewed as attachments or printed out in hard copy.<br /><br />&ldquo;Our solution lets customers send and receive faxes from any e-mail-enabled device, anywhere in the world,&rdquo; said John Enright, vice president of marketing and business development for Hostway. &ldquo;Fax over E-mail is more flexible, cost-effective and convenient than a physical fax machine, and it&rsquo;s perfect for today&rsquo;s fast-paced, mobile-centric business professional.&rdquo; </p>

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