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<strong>Louisville, Ky. &mdash; May 8</strong><br /> has become the first "Green Energy Champion" with Louisville Gas and Electric, an E.ON company, offsetting more than 1,500 tons of carbon emissions annually. <br /><br />Demonstrating their intent to lead the commercial sector in green initiatives,, a Web-hosting and co-location services company, is purchasing 208 Green Energy blocks &mdash; 1,000 kilowatt hours each &mdash; monthly for the next 12 months. To put that in perspective, that is equivalent to planting approximately 1,310 acres of trees or removing 304 cars from the road. <br /><br />Nationally, data centers consume up to 1.5 percent of all energy consumption. "We believe it is our social and business responsibility to offset our carbon emissions. Our industry is one that must take a close look at its energy consumption and the impact it will have on the environment," said Darren King, CEO of <br /><br />King added, "We hope to set the industry standard on environmental stewardship. To that end, we have built one of the greenest data centers in the country, virtualized our server environments to optimize usage and output and set up a program to reimburse all employees that participate in such programs." <br /><br />LG&E and Kentucky Utilities Company&#39;s Green Energy program provides for the growth and development of renewable energy including that of the Mother Ann Lee Hydroelectric Plant, located on the Kentucky River near Harrodsburg, Ky. <br /><br />LG&E and KU residential and small business customers can participate for as little as $5 per month, or in larger purchases of $5 blocks. Commercial customers, such as, can purchase blocks for as little as $13 per month. <br /><br />Each $13 block supports 1,000 kWh of Kentucky area renewable energy. All green energy purchases are voluntary and in addition to the regular bill amount. <br /><br />"Hosting.Com is our first industrial customer to completely offset its annual carbon emissions. They&#39;ve also done this in their California and Boston offices, and we are pleased they&#39;ve chosen to take part in the LG&E program," said John P. Malloy, vice president of energy delivery, retail business, for E.ON U.S., parent company of LG&E. <br /><br />More than 500 customers are enrolled in LG&E and KU&#39;s Green Energy program. Interested customers can enroll in the program online and calculate the environmental benefit of their purchase in terms of carbon emissions reduced each month. <br /><br />"Going green is not about buzzwords; it is making sustainable and environmentally conscious decisions that will impact our existing clients and future generations of clients," said King. <br />

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