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Cincinnati — Oct. 3
Christ Hospital will become the first in the Greater Cincinnati Tristate to implement an eICU program designed to improve critical care delivery. The eICU program, patented by VISICU, combines early warning software and remote monitoring to connect off-site critical care physicians and nurses to intensive care unit (ICU) patients around the clock.

Christ Hospital’s eICU program, called Critical Connections, supplements existing ICU bedside care, allowing eICU and ICU teams to work together to provide an enhanced level of proactive care. The combination of early warning software and remote monitoring is designed to reduce unnecessary complications, shorten the hospital length of stay and improve mortality rates.

A total of 44 Christ Hospital ICU beds will be monitored around the clock by a critical care team. This team includes an intensivist physician, specially trained in caring for critically ill patients, who monitors ICU patients from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. The Critical Connections team uses computers to monitor vital signs, medications, X-rays and other information from bedside monitors. They continuously analyze patient conditions and alert medical staff to potential problems.

“The eICU will never replace a caring touch or an encouraging smile, but its life-saving applications will reassure families that help is immediately available for their loved ones, no matter the time of day,” said Susan Croushore, president and CEO of Christ Hospital.

Industry studies have shown the involvement of intensivist physicians helps reduce the risk of complications for patients in the ICU. However, there is a nationwide intensivist shortage. Critical Connections addresses this need by making an off-site intensivist immediately available when a patient’s attending physician is not in the ICU.

“The eICU technology will complement the high quality care already provided by our ICU physicians and nurses,” said Christopher Orabella, M.D., medical director of the Critical Connections program. “Nationally, the eICU concept has been proven to significantly improve patient outcomes. We are pleased to offer this extra layer of vigilance, and this advanced level of critical care to our sickest of patients.”

VISICU Inc., a Philips company, is a health care information technology and clinical solutions company focused on transforming the delivery of critical care through its eICU program.

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