Holt Learning Supports Corporate Education Offerings With IntraLearn LMS

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<p><strong>Northboro, Mass. &mdash; April 22</strong><br />Companies looking for training consulting, program design and development, and classroom training/facilitation can find a robust set of offerings from Holt Learning. Holt Learning is a full-service corporate education firm serving Fortune 500 clients and professional firms worldwide. Using e-learning technology from IntraLearn Software for more than four years, Holt has extended its best-in-class training to online learners.<br /><br />Entering its fifth year of use on the IntraLearn LMS, Holt has delivered a high-value online experience to hundreds of learners. Recent trends suggest that this number will grow into several thousand in the coming years. Holt has successfully leveraged IntraLearn to support its numerous corporate education offerings.<br /><br />Along with a number of open enrollment, e-course offerings in individual effectiveness skills such as Business Writing-On-The-Web, Holt has partnered with clients to provide management training online. For instance, a luxury jeweler and Holt Learning developed a management training program. All of the jewelry company&#39;s new managers across the country are expected to complete the program. </p><p>A prestigious international law firm and Holt Learning have partnered to develop a very successful online, facilitator-led program on customer service. Holt Learning e-learning programs are facilitator-led and asynchronous.<br /><br />"We required an e-learning platform that would allow an assortment of media to engage course participants and provide a pleasant experience for participants, designers and facilitators," said Suzanne Hawley, e-learning account manager for Holt Learning. "IntraLearn has given us the ability to accomplish this while offering our clients additional training options to satisfy their needs."<br /></p>

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