Hollywood Meets New Media

When was the last time you waited for your favorite online-only show to release a new episode? If you’re like most people, you didn’t hold your breath. Until recently, there hasn’t been sufficient compelling original content produced on the Web to get the masses interested in viewing shows produced exclusively on the Web.

There certainly have been exceptions to this rule. “Lonelygirl15” was a huge hit on the Web. There have also been cult hits such as “Star Trek: Phase II,” which have mostly been regarded as successes. However, most of these originally developed Web shows have failed to make any money thus far.

The primary way the entertainment business makes money is by selling advertisements. The national television networks do it all the time. They produce shows that appeal to a target audience; advertisers run ads catered to those audiences with the hope that they will buy the advertised products. This means the advertisers spend money with the networks and shows, and the shows make enough money to pay their staff and produce more content. At least that’s how it is supposed to work in an ideal world.

In reality, however, it doesn’t really work that way. Most shows never even make it to TV, and many shows that do make it hardly last more than a season. There have been a number of good shows over the past couple of years that didn’t quite make the cut. These include favorites such as “Journeyman,” “Moonlight,” “My Own Worst…



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