Hitachi Overhauls Certification Program

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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is revamping and expanding its credentialing program to verify proficiency with the company’s products and services for internal personnel, partners and customers. The changes entail a new certification structure, with foundational, storage architecture, implementation and administration tracks.


“This is a major update in the program,” said Peter Manijak, director of certification at the HDS Academy. “We were focused on a very small segment of our partner population, and what we’ve done is targeted an entire suite of storage professionals: Hitachi partners, customers and employees. We’ve also opened up the scope of the program. We’ve made it a role-based certification program.”


Manijak said the company recognized that a robust certification suite would give it a competitive advantage. “One of the biggest reasons is that we want to drive customer and partner satisfaction, which will in turn drive revenue,” he said. “What customers and partners were telling us is that they wanted us to have a full-blown, world-class certification program. They wanted their skills and knowledge validated. When you have well-trained customers and partners, it also lowers your support costs. The other part is with an effective certification program, you create lifelong advocates.”


In addition, HDS certifications will align with those of the Storage Networking Industry Association’s (SNIA) credentialing program. “We’ve leveraged the use of SNIA’s vendor-neutral, industry-standard credentials within our program,” Manijak said. “This allows us to focus more on our own program, and its products, technologies, support and services. We’re the only large voting member of SNIA to adopt the SNIA exams within our own certification program. Also, SNIA has adopted our Certified Professional credential within their program in order to be a SNIA Certified Storage Networking Expert (SCSN-E).”


As part of this initiative, HDS released its Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations – Modular exam last Thursday. The test joins the Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations – Enterprise exam, which went live earlier this month. Also, the beta testing phase for the Hitachi Data Systems Implementation exam ended last Saturday.


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