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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has introduced new certifications within its Implementer and Storage Manager curricula. The Hitachi Data Systems Implementer track has been divided into two exams: Enterprise and Modular.


“The exams address products and technologies and how you implement them within a data center environment,” said Peter Manijak, HDS Academy director of certification and metrics.


He also said that incorporating this division gave Hitachi better alignment with a key partner program.


“While the program is role-based, we recognize that we do have two different areas of interest: enterprise and modular,” Manijak said. The enterprise addresses large scale data center operations while the modular addresses the needs of small and medium businesses.


The objective of the two exams is fairly simple.


“What we’re looking at is if these participants have demonstrated that they have skill sets for deploying Hitachi hardware and software,” Manijak said. “This is absolutely vendor-specific but we are also validating the skill sets of implementation.”


Two new exams are also available in the Hitachi Data Systems Storage Manager track: Hitachi Data Systems Storage Manager – Business Continuity Enterprise exam (HH0-330) and Hitachi Data Systems Storage Manager – Business Continuity Modular exam (HH0-340). The same distinction between enterprise-based and modular-based skill sets is applied.


Hitachi also is offering Hitachi Data Systems Storage Manager – Expert, which is a combination of Hitachi Data Systems and SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) exams.


Manijak said this is a higher-level credential.


“It shows that you have both product specific knowledge, which we want you to have, and at the same time, vendor-neutral knowledge (from the SNIA exam), for running a data center, which is something we recognize,” he said. “If you have a combination of the two, you deserve a higher-level credential.”

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