Hitachi Data Systems: Become a Storage Superstar


Given today’s economic challenges, it’s imperative that IT decision makers select a high-value certification program for their staffs. They must not only carefully choose which vendors to work with, but also assess which skills and knowledge are needed to be more effective and efficient to ensure no time is wasted. On the other side of the table, IT professionals seek to enhance their skills, differentiate themselves and grow their careers.

That said, a boutique certification such as the Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional Program focuses on quality, not volume. And storage continues to be an area in which IT professionals with the right credentials can be successful.

As the Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional Program enters its fourth year of operation, the program has reached a level of maturity at which an evaluation of the program and its recertification requirements has become two key components to growth and sustainability.

Let’s take a look at the program’s structure and future.

Structure and New Exams

The Hitachi Data Systems Certification program currently has five tracks: Foundation, which results in the Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional certification (HCP); Implementation; Architect; Storage Manager; and Integration. They are complemented by a Sales Qualification program.

A new exam, the Hitachi Data Systems Architect – Performance and Virtualization Certification Exam (HH0-440), is now in place, as well. This test will verify…



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